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The Crew

Without my dear crew this place would be 4 walls.

Shaughan Pringle.

The Chief. Owner of Stage Door Productions. Has assembled a great team to manage the business with the priority on delivering the highest levels of service and a first class facility.


Our beloved Studio Manager - Current touring FOH engineer coming from a studio background, he is an absolute gun on a live mix.

If he is behind the desk you're in safe hands.

Danny Pringle.

Assistant Manager and seasoned Stage Door Veteran. Highly regarded by his peers and equally popular with the customers, he has quite an ear for a rehearsal room PA sound. A very handy drummer and pianist as well. 

Cherie Abdy. 

Cherie's passion for live music, sound and visuals, bring a happy vibe to the studio. You will find her assisting with sound and bookings, when she doesn't have a camera in hand as she is also our resident photographer.

Tom spencer

An amazing woodwind player, master of the gig and all round great guy. Always ready to lend you a helping hand to make your rehearsal the best it can possibly be!

sophia cherry

Playing in countless bands across Sydney venues high and low has forged Sophia into a weapon that knows exactly what bands are looking for in sound and how to get it. She's ready to help you get turned up to 12 at your next session!

Mitch Johnson

If you've played a Sydney gig you've almost definitely crossed paths with Mitch - superstar backline tech and all around top bloke. Always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you've got everything you need, he's a valuable asset to the team here at Stage Door.

Glenn Moorhouse.

If I am playing a live gig, Glenn is definitely one of the guys I want on my side. He has a true passion for audio and makes it his focus and he is one wicked guitar player to boot. When he's not mixing a live show, Glenn is repairing audio equipment and ensuring that our clients are receiving the very best in audio.


A menace on the riff stick and king of the tone. Coming from the land of the free now to our shores, Jeremyah is quickly making a name for himself as one of Sydney's best.