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P.A. Systems Hire

All Hire PA Systems 50% OFF

Monday to Thursday......

.... when you "CASH & Carry"

Call or Email us NOW!!

That's right... Half the price below!!!

Great Value Systems!  Compact!  Punchy!  Easy to Operate!

We have a range of new P.A. packages for hire. We cater for any gig !!! Cased up and ready to go. Ranging from 100 watts to 8000 watts.

Complete with microphones, stands and leads.

We call them "Drive Packs"

  • Drive Pack 1: 100 watt or 160 watt Portable PA - Mini Systems (See Below)
  • Drive Pack 2: 800 watt 12 Channel Powered mixer, 2 boxes (12" woofer) on stands & 3 mics.     Only  $150 per day
  • Drive Pack 3: 2000 watt active FOH,      16 or 32 chan mixer, 2 boxes (12" woofer)* on stands & 5 mics.  From $280 per day
  • *On DP3 Add $60 per day for upgrade from 12" to 15" woofers. (HK LNR5-115XA, Active FOH Boxes, 1000w / 15" 2-way)
  • *Subs x 2 - Add $80 per day (Mackie Active 18" SRM1850)
  • Active Foldback wedges: $ 40 each

We also have a range of larger hire P.A.'s

Call us NOW to discuss your special needs for your custom Rig

Drive Pack 2

12 Chan Powered Mixer

800 watt

Drive Pack 3

16 inputs / 8 Outputs

Mackie DL1608

Digital Mixing System

Drive Pack 3

16 inputs / 8 Outputs

Mackie DL1608

Digital Mixing System

Check out our all new HK LNR5-112XA & 115XA 1000 watt (RMS) Active speaker boxes.

  • Can be used as FOH or Monitors.
  • These German designed and manufactured boxes have an unmatched sound quality.


Active FOH Box

1000w RMS / 15" 2-way

Rear Panel


Active Box


Active FOH Box &

Monitor configurations


Active Monitor

*Portable PA - Mini System:  All in one roller box.   From Only $90 per day.

  • Also comes with Radio (Cordless) Microphone and standard (Corded) microphone.
  • Speaker & Microphone stands included if required.
  • Battery Powered
  • Can run on its own internal power supply.  No external electricity required.
  • Perfect for that outdoor event.

Portable PA

Battery Operated

with Radio Mic

2 chans / 100W

$90 per day

Portable PA

Battery Operated

with Radio Mic

2 chans / 100W

$90 per day

Portable PA

Battery Operated

with Radio Mic

3 chans / 160W

$130 per day

Portable PA

Battery Operated

with Radio Mic

3 chans / 160W

$130 per day


  • Passive Foldback wedges: $ 20 each
  • Active Foldback wedges: $ 40 each
  • Active 18" Subs - Mackie SRM1850: $60 each (Dry Hire)
  • Microphones (with stand & Lead) : $ 20 each
  • Radio Mic: $ 66 each

Radio Microphone Systems

Either Handheld or Headset

Mic, Stand & Lead

               Mackie SRM1850

               18" Powered SUBS

Data Projector & Screen only $99.00 per day

  • Can run audio from any source including DVD, Blue Ray and Computer.


We can "deliver" from as little as: $ 66

  • We can "set-up"  from as little as: $ 66
  • We can "operate"  from as little as: $110
  • We can "pack up"  from as little as: $ 66
  • We can "pick up"  from as little as: $ 66
  • Or get us to do the lot, deliver, set-up, operate and take-away from as little as $165.00
  • Larger PA & Light rigs quoted on specification.  Contact us NOW with your requirements.

Audio Operators

So you've booked the gig, rehearsed the set, hired the crowd...OMG !! Who is going to make us sound even better than we do at practice?

Need SOUND operator ?

Stage Door has audio operators and engineers for every occasion. We have a large roster of very reliable and experienced walk-in operators or we can arrange someone to "deliver set-up and operate" a P.A. for your gig. No show is too big or too small. E-Mail or phone in your specifications.


When it comes to Audio Visual nothing beats experience, and weve been doing it since 1982. We can advise, design, supply and install a system for all your audio visual needs. From small vocal rigs to full concert systems. On-going technical assistance and service is our specialty. And we have a large roster of experienced Audio engineers available to operate your system once installed. So update now. If you don't want to put up with the 'snap, crackle and pop', call Stage Door now and we'll make your bad noise stop.

E-Mail or phone us now for a more detailed assessment of your requirements


Yes, we SET UP


Yes, we PICK UP

Panasonic SV-3800 Professional DAT Recorder

$55.00 (inc gst) Per day

Based on the popular SV-3700, the SV-3800 incorporates technological refinements for enhanced sound quality and functionality.

It features new 20-bit resolution DACs, together with the same type of 1-bit, 64 times oversampling A-D converter employed in the SV-3700.

The result is wider dynamic range, lower noise, and greater linearity. In audible terms this means natural

  • Front-panel shuttle wheel; 0.5-15X speed range;
  • IR remote control;
  • 4 stage, 1-bit Delta-Sigma A-to-D converters;
  • 20-bit equivalent D-to-A converters;
  • Program, absolute and time-remaining displays;
  • Pushbutton selection of 44.1kHz/48kHz sampling rates via either analog or digital inputs;
  • Pushbutton fade-in and fade-out functions;
  • Balanced inputs and outputs via XLR type; connector with choice of -10dBu or +4dBm output levels;
  • Up to 400X fast forward/rewind and search speeds to provide high-speed access to any point on a 2-hour DAT tape within 27 seconds;
  • Single program and skip play feature is handy for post production work;

The SV-3800 automatically clocks to incoming frequencies of 32kHz, 44.1kHz or 48kHz.

Panasonic SV 3800  DAT Machine

Panasonic SV 3800  DAT Machine - Rear

Step Down Transformers & Accessories.

We have a range of AUS 240V to USA 110V Step Down Transformers, extension cables and power boards to hire or buy.  Order Now!

Step Down Transformer

AUS 240V to USA 110V

$25 per day

P.A. Systems & Lighting Hire Cancellations

Clients are requested to give as much notice as possible of any cancellation. Cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled booking time are subject to the full fee.

Clients cancelling bookings will be issued a cancellation number to verify time and date of call.