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Need a Studio? Stage Door Productions has the Premiere Recording Studios in Sydney

At Stage Door Productions, we are dedicated to the music, and we cater our business to Sydney bands and music as well as international musicians. Stage Door Productions is here to get you professional results without the professional price tag. We have loads of equipment ready for you to use. Whether you need to rehearse or your band is ready to lay down a track, we have recording options that will help you take it to the next level today.

Professional Level Recording Equipment Is Available in Our Sydney Recording Studio

In our recording studio, Sydney bands will discover the benefit of professional recording. Plenty of bands have a recording set up in your lounge or home, but that is no substitute for the sound of a studio recording. Whether you want to record each piece, tracking your drums or giving your vocals a separate edge and then blending them together, or you want an accurate recording of your sound, supplemented with all of our FX gear right there in the pro-tools rig, we have what you need to get the best possible sound.

We have two live rooms for recording studios, Sydney bands can record in either room, or both, and then perfect their sound with all of our amazing equipment. Our control room contains every tool you could imagine using to perfect your recordings. We have the latest in Pro-Tools, outboard tools, amps, mixers and more. We can help you make your perfect recording into a perfect cut every time.

Professional Recording Engineer Can Help

Our chief recording engineer, Richard “Dick” Smith, is the finest studio engineer that Stage Door Productions has ever had the honour of working with. With his incredible production skills, ear for great sound, and amazing disposition, Dick can take your recording and help you create the next number one song on the charts.

No matter what your personal sound maybe, we can help you make it bigger, better and more powerful at Stage Door Productions. When you come into our Sydney recording studios, we take the time to get to know you and your sound. We will always provide the best service you can have because we will stop at nothing until you are satisfied.

At Stage Door Productions, we know that quality matters. Our focus is on providing our musicians with the best quality equipment, personnel and service in the industry. You have the talent, and we have the facilities to make your dreams come true. Don't settle for a second rate, choppy recording that no one can understand. Take control of your goals and make a recording that captures the essence of your band.

Whether you are recording a demo tape, a single or an entire album, Stage Door Productions can provide everything you need to make your recording rock. Our Sydney recording studio has the recording space, the recording equipment, the mixing and finishing equipment and the artists to help you turn your recording into the art that you know it is. Never settle for second best, when you come into Stage Door productions, we know that you will find your new home for everything music related. Come in today so we can help you take your band to the next level.