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No Matter What You Need For Your Sydney PA System Hire, Call Stage Door Productions!

A truly great concert is more than just listening to music. As any fan can attest to, a performance includes an experience that goes beyond just music. You listen to music on your headphones at work, or on the radio in your car. A concert is about more than just the music. A concert is the pulse of the crowd, the rhythm pumping through your chest, the sight of your favourite band playing on stage, and the lights drawing you into the stage.

That's why Stage Door Productions offers Sydney PA system hire. When your fans watch you perform, you want to create an experience that they will never forget. And that requires the lights and amps and equipment to bring your performance beyond rehearsal. With our new cash and carry P.A. Packages, we can cater for any gig you book. Our equipment is already cased up and ready to walk out the door to your gig. Ranging from 150 watts to 1000 watts, our equipment can bring your music to your fans like never before. Make sure your fans feel the throb of your bass, and let the rhythm pulse through the crowd. Our rigs come with microphones, stands and leads. All of our systems will come with speaker stands to help you create a professional look and feel. We can design a custom rig for your event, or you can choose from one of your pre-set packages.

Setting up your PA System Hire in Sydney

Your Sydney PA system hire may seem intimidating to your band. If you don't know how to set up or operate the sound system, or even if you just don't want to bother with it, we have options for you too. Stage Door Productions can come out and deliver all of the PA system equipment, or pick it up at the end of the show for as little as $66. We can also set up all of the equipment or pack it up for you for just $66. Or if you prefer, we can operate the system for you for as little as $110. Or we can make it even easier for you and deliver, set up, operate and take away the equipment you need for as little as $165. Why worry about fussing with the volume or adjusting the speaker location when we can take care of it for you?

We know that no matter how focused you are on providing your fans with the best experience possible, you are first and foremost a musician. Audio visual work can be difficult and complicated, and when you are busy on stage, you really don't have time to focus on it. That is why many musicians decide to hire an audio operator. Stage door has audio operators and engineers for every occasion. We have many reliable operators that you can trust to make you sound even better than you do at rehearsal. Let us handle your Sydney PA hire, so you can move on to the music.

For Audio Visual Needs, Nothing Beats Stage Door Productions!

Nothing beats experience in the audio visual world. At Stage Door Productions, we have been doing audio visual work since 1982. We are always available to help artists in Sydney with PA hire. We can help you design a system that works for your event and supply and install all of the equipment you need to create the best experience for your fans. Forget the crackle of a microphone, call Stage Door Productions and we will show you why ongoing technical support is our speciality. You will have nothing but superior lights and sound for your audience, and you can focus on the music!