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Protools School

Protools School - Stage One Course

Today's music scene requires skilled audio engineers. A studio engineer combines the separate sounds produced by each musician into what should be known as a "good" sound. An engineer has the delicate job of balancing technical information with musical appreciation and has the control to change the individual sounds of instruments, and like a conductor, has to blend everything together to form one harmonious sound. Without knowing some of the reasons why electronic/mechanical devices work as they do, and without knowing their benefits, uses and limitations, you're suddenly in a loss situation. How can you produce a good sound if you don't know the machinery and software?

Getting a little technical is not as frightening as you imagine. Our purpose is to give you an understanding for optimal operation and efficiency, so that computers and machines work for you, not against you.

The Stagedoor "Protools Stage One Course" is short and intensive, designed to cover from beginners to intermediate users. Our primary objective is to explain the Protools system - how it runs and how to use it efficiently. Other aspects of audio engineering such as acoustics, recording and mixing techniques and practices, and general session/studio operations, although a part of the "Protools Stage One Course", are dealt with in greater detail in the "Stagedoor Studio Recording Course".

Each class will consist of a maximum of four (4) pupils only, as this optimises the individual level of personal tuition. Experience is not a pre-requisite, but a firm commitment is required to ensure the best possible benefit.

If you wish to enrol, need further information or wish to see the studio, please do not hesitate to contact "Stagedoor" on 02 9565 1123 for more help or an appointment.

At the completion of the course, students are issued a "Stagedoor Protools TDM Certificate of Competency".

New courses are starting constantly, with both day and evening classes. Once registrations are received, schedules will be organised and distributed. Classes will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday day/evening, one class per week. On receipt of your enrolment form with 50 % of the course fee your position will be secured. Balance of fee is due on the first class at the commencement of the course.

Protools Course: 8 x 3 hour classes; $880 inc GST.

Protools Course Outline

Lecture 1:

Intro to Protools: 
Toolbars. Components in the system. Setting up a session. Mix and edit windows.

Lecture 2:

Tacking into Protools:
Signal routing in and out. Pre and post EQ and compression. Tracking
Multiple input tracking.

Lecture 3:

Recording techniques in Protools: 
Loop record. Quick punch. Auto punch in and out.

Lecture 4:

Editing in Protools: 
Auditioning loops. Compiling parts. Regions list. Group editing.

Lecture 5:

Hot Keys: 
TDM and LE modes. Voicing and voice sharing. Importing files.

Lecture 6:

Mixing in Protools: 
Busses and aux sends. Using outboard inserts. Using plug-ins, R-tas, TDM and audio suite. System resource management.

Lecture 7:

Protools automation: 
Mix automation. Plug-in automation.

Lecture 8: