Sick of lugging all the band gear to and from home each time you rehearse? Is it safe in your security garage? Then book a Fort Knox Rock Box and keep it on the premises!


At $75.00 per month, you'd be mad not to.


We also have 18 Larger area storage bays from $85.00 per month / $35 per week / $10 per day. Our storage motto is "roll & rock"! Roll up to the studio door (with the trolleys provided) loaded with the gear from storage and after a 10 foot load in- you're ready to rock. And all flat load. How easy is that.


All storage is to be paid for in advance. We have a 24-hour video surveillance high security alarm system. "No more lugging and lifting" means no sore backs and a more enjoyable, efficient and productive rehearsal.


Casual storage space available from $10 per night and $35 per week.