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Welcome to Stagedoor's recording studio. We've amassed equipment that delivers quality at affordable rates. 

So what does all this mean? Firstly, a complete facility for recording demos, singles and albums at realistic prices without compromising quality. Secondly, we offer recorded rehearsals at dearer than rehearsal but cheaper than recording rates. Why recorded rehearsals? For the serious musician, these allow you the window to look at your music for production purposes. During rehearsal, when the volume is at 12 on a scale of 10 and everybody is firing and feeling good, you think its fantastic. The recorded rehearsal will reveal that the screaming guitar solo of 308 bars may need to be a tad shorter ( by 10 bars ), or those vocal harmonies may need a little more polishing, and so on. A procedure worth its weight in dB.


We have TWO (2) LIVE ROOMS

O.K., so many of you have recording set ups in the lounge or bedroom. We can be of benefit to you ( and your neighbors ) by tracking the drums in the studio, or providing the professional vocal sound you're after. On the other side of the coin, once all the tracks are down, bring the material into the control room to do the final mix in an environment that provides accurate monitoring, so that what you hear is what you get - supplemented with oodles of FX gear sitting in the Pro-Tools rig.




Book and use $400 worth of rehearsals during May 2017 to June 2017 and we'll give you 5 hours FREE recording time, redeemable till the end of July 2017.  Subject to availability and only one Free 5 Hour session redeemable per band.

If extra recording/mixing time is subsequently needed, it's charged at $60/hr, not $75/hr.

You'd be silly to miss out on these great deals. Mention this advert when booking to qualify.



Click here to see Drum Media Magazine's studio review on Stage Door, May 2013 (Once open scroll to bottom of page)



The heart of the control room features a Pro-Tools TDM Mix Plus, virtually 84 track recording. Add to this the classic sound of concentric cone Tannoy monitors, and of course, Yamaha NS10M near field monitors. The console is a beautifully warm sounding British made, "DDA 24 channel console", with Penny & Giles faders, and to this ensemble will soon be married a 16 track 1" analogue recorder/reproducer.

The studio harbours a smorgasbord of mics, featuring AKG 414 EB, 2x D2O's,1x D224, a splattering of Sennheisers- lot of 441's, 421's, 211's, 409 and 509; 2 x Calrec CM1050 C's, Neuman KM84i, Shure 57's and 58's, and vintage Telefunken.  Recently added,Neumann UM57 1960?s Valve LDC, Neumann M147 Modern Valve LDC, Calrec CB20 SDC x3 (Rebuilt), AKG C460 SDC, Shure SM7b.






Live Rack: (with insert loom)

BSS Quad Comp / De-esser

BSS Quad Gate

DBX 160x

DBX 166XL Dual Comp/Gate

Drawmer 241 Dual Comp/Gate

Drawmer 251 Dual Comp


DBX Digital Dynamics Processor Dual Comp/ Gate / Limiter/ EQ?AD/DA


JOE MEEK SC3 Dual Comp



Apex Easy Rider 401 Quad Comp


Pre Amps:


Siemans V72 valve pre (Rebuilt)

Rola 77 mk3 valve mic pre (Rebuilt / mods by Pro Harmonic)

Altec 438C mic pre / Comp

Dynamix 3000 (24ch?s)

Yamaha 1516 (pm2000style 16ch?s)


Apogee AD/ DA conversion.


Dynamix 3000 British Console


Yamaha NS10

Telefunken Professional Monitors

Tannoy BMP6.5




Studio Playback:


APOGEE 32 channels Digital to analogue.

Protools HD


Dynamix 3000 recording console

DDA D series console


Outboard gear from the lists above.


Overdubing options.


Yamaha NS10

Telefunken Professional Monitors

Tannoy BMP6.5

Tannoy 15? dual concentric monitors



Richard "Dick" Smith.

Chief Recording Engineer

Possibly the finest studio engineer Stagedoor has ever seen. Dick's ear is second to none, with immense production skills and a great personal disposition, your next recording may very well be the next number one hit.

Click here to see Drum Media Magazine Engineer profile review on Dick.


For a list of all recording personnel please click here.




Live Room (aka Studio #7)


Live Room (aka Studio #7)


Live Room (aka Studio #7)


Second & Larger live room now up n running

(aka Studio # 2)


Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I have been coming to Stagedoor for eight years. In that time I have rehearsed, auditioned and released three albums, all recorded at Stagedoor.  The thing that stands out is the knowledge, professionalism and genuine friendliness. Kayo knows the facility back to front, he has worked tirelessly to ensure the rehearsal spaces are state of art. That is why so many recording artists still choose to rehearse there. 


After recording three albums, I can say only this, the work ethic, understanding of what artists want and the level of ear training with these guys is second to none. They work efficiently, with great generosity and plenty of helpful advice. Richard, the chief engineer is also a nice guy. So no ego from the guy who gets paid to push buttons trying to tell the artist, they know more about Music than the person creating it.


I look forward to recording many more albums at Stagedoor................





Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Dear Shaughan,

I?d like to add my sincere appreciation of the outstanding professional service we received from Stage Door recently. 

Thanks to you and all the staff there!  Steve and everyone I encountered were helpful and efficient in every way.


Sincerely yours,  Pamela




Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hi Shaughan,

I just wanted to give you some feedback on our session the other day.
We had a really enjoyable time at Stage Door, and I think we were all put at ease by the professional yet relaxed attitude of everyone we encountered.
Steve was a pleasure to work with ? friendly, patient and efficient, and we were very happy with the results.
I thought of Stage Door for this project because I did some recording there a number of years ago, and I'm pleased to say it was just as good an experience on this occasion.

Best wishes,  David



Friday, November 29, 2013

Hi Shaun,


I just wanted to thank you for your kind hospitality today and the use of your facilities.

I would also thank you for Richard's assistance. It might all be part of the service however, the recordings sound great, his attention to detail, efficiency and general manner were exceptional.


Thanks again.




Friday, June 07, 2013 10:50 AM

"Hi K.O.

Peter Hutley here. Just wanted to say what a fantastic job Richard did last weekend on our recordings. We were very impressed with the quality and enthusiasm that Richard (and Danny) brought to the whole proceedings.

If you're looking for endorsements for your new recording facility we are big fans and would be happy for you to say so (I know it's not Cold Chisel, but hey, an endorsement's an endorsement).

Thanks again.



Tracking 8 piece Jazz band

in our new Large Live Room